Machine Knife & Shear Blade Regrinding Service

Machine knife being groundThe cost of sharpening and resetting shear blades during their service life is usually far greater than their original purchase cost. Whilst a blade of lesser performance may have a lower purchase price it will inevitably also have a higher maintenance cost.

Technical appreciation of the shearing process and experience in the sharpening of shear blades will ensure the best use of the current blade dimensions. Only careful selection of which faces to grind will obtain the longest service life. As an experienced blade manufacturer we have the specialist knowledge to return blades to their original tolerances and efficiency. Grinding with unsuitable equipment or on the wrong faces can damage shear blades or render them unserviceable.

We offer a local sharpening service for shear blades, metal and plastics recycling blades up to a maximum length of 4.2 metres. In addition we give technical advice on use and resetting of shear blades to give optimum performance. Customers normally bring blades to us and by arrangement can expect the sharpened blades to be available the following day. Transport can be organised if appropriate.

  • Technical understanding of the application of the shear blade
  • Careful selection of shear blade face to ensure the longest service life
  • Specialist knowledge enabling us to return blades to their original tolerances and efficiency
  • We can regrind and resharpen blades up to 4.2 metres in length
  • Fast turn around service available