Machine Knives

This is the name given to different types of machine blades.  These vary from industry to industry and country to country.  We use the following blade terminology.

Shear blades are used for cutting metal, can be wide sheet or plate or cropping bar or sections. Guillotine blades are longer machine blades which may be used to cut lighter sheet metal, paper, plastic or fabrics. Most other types of blade are described by the process they perform. Granulator blades for plastic or recycling metal, food knives, sheeter blades for paper.

We have extensive experience in the manufacture of all types of machine knives, including the following.

  • Blades used in steel manufacture, for both hot and cold cutting
  • Blades for cropping bar and sections, for both hot and cold cutting
  • Blades for cutting sheet metal profiles and cladding
  • Blades for the cutting paper, plastic and fabric
  • Blades for the food industry
  • Blades for copper cable recycling
  • Blades for plastic granulation

Worldwide Distribution

We have supplied to various industries in the following locations.

Bangkok, Canada, Greece, Ireland, Kenya, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Syria, UAE, Venezuela.